National security to dominate Barrow’s second cabinet meeting

National security to dominate Barrow’s second cabinet meeting

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow is holding his second known cabinet meeting on Tuesday and tensions that rocked the country’s southern region of Foni will dominate talks.

At least one person was dead and several people injured in Foni’s Kansala region.

Supporters of ex-leader, Yahya Jammeh demanded the withdrawal of West African forces that were deployed to help stabilize the country’s fragile peace.

Barrow had only one cabinet meeting since coming to power in January.

His government faced scrutiny over his vice presidential pick, derailing cabinet appointments and the swearing in of Fatoumata Tambajang.

Barrow defeated Jammeh in the elections in December and a standoff followed after Jammeh refused to step aside.

West African leaders deployed troops to the Gambia to avert civil war amid fears that former Liberian and Ivorian rebel fighters were contracted by Jammeh.

Jammeh still has loyalists within the Gambia’s army.

At least four Gambian soldiers have been arrested for taking part in protests following parliamentary elections.

Many are still showing loyalty to the defeated ruler and analyst say the absence of the regional troops will open floodgates of instability and military coups.

Dozens of soldiers are being detained for committing human rights violations and crimes against the state on the orders of the former strongman.

Soldiers in Jammeh’s regime frequently committed serious human rights violations including arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, and torture against those who voiced opposition to the government.

The repression and abuses created a climate of fear within Gambia, generating increased attention from the international community.

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