Barrow’s cabinet sidelines Kanilai uproar

Barrow’s cabinet sidelines Kanilai uproar

The Barrow Administration did not give any significance to the revolt in Kanilai, which has left one citizen dead and several people seriously injured during its cabinet meeting.

Instead, communication strategy, two bills, and ports expansion took center stage at Tuesday’s meeting of the country’s most senior officials.

Internal security was briefly touched by Interior Minister, Mai Ahmad Fatty but the administration did not, however, deliberate over it with urgency.

Protesters in Kanilai clashed with West African security forces and investigations into the event after Haruna Jatta’s death was not discussed on Tuesday.

Activists have called for an independent probe to be carried out and the fact-finding team reportedly dispatched by Gambian authorities is yet to make a report available.

President Adama Barrow extended and widened the mandate of the West African troops, who were deployed to oust defeated ex-ruler, Yahya Jammeh and stabilize the small nation.

The country is struggling to rebuild and rebrand its military. Reforms have been put in places, most especially to weed out Jammeh’s loyalist, who were enlisted into the army without due process.

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