Senegal to help Gambia meet energy demand

Senegal to help Gambia meet energy demand

The Gambia will be getting additional energy supply from Senegal as it seeks to address power cuts and water supply shortages.

Gambia’s state-owned NAWEC and Senegal’s Senelec are in talks to supply electricity to Gambian communities experiencing power cuts

The Gambia is only able to generate 40 megawatts of the 150 megawatts needed to power up the nation of fewer than two million people.

NAWEC’s operations have been hindered with old generators, which are now been repaired. The generators often break down leaving many communities without power.

The power cuts have always been hurting the Gambian economy. Some factories and investors have given their back on the country because it does not have the capacity to meet their energy demand.

NAWEC, however, said the blackouts will not drag for long. Electricity supply will improve in six months and steady in two years.

There are increasingly loud calls from economists, business councils and some politicians for NAWEC to be privatized, or at least for independent companies to be allowed to end the monopoly.

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