APRC says seizure of Jammeh’s assets illegal

APRC says seizure of Jammeh’s assets illegal

The party of Gambia’s ex-despotic ruler, Yahya Jammeh said the seizure of the domestic assets of its longtime leader is “illegal” and in breach of an agreement brokered by the UN and ECOWAS.

Jammeh agreed to leave the Gambia after getting assurances from leaders in the international community that his family and assets will not be targeted.

Gambian authorities are accusing Mr. Jammeh of siphoning billions during his rule. He reportedly fled to Equatorial Guinea with at least $50 million and shipped luxury good and cars.

“The court order is not in the spirit of reconciliation and contravenes the spirit and the letter of the diplomatic dialogue brokered by the ECOWAS, African Union, United Nations and former president Jammeh that led to a peaceful transfer of power,” said Fabakary Tombong Jatta.

Jatta is now the leader of the APRC party and says “the order can best be described as a witch-hunt,” feeling that former ministers and senior members of the party would be targeted in the long run.

The agreement averted civil war in the small nation, putting a halt on the advancement of West African forces to the island capital, Banjul to flush him out of power.

A court in the West African nation’s capital froze his assets to prevent him from liquidating them. The freeze affected at least 131 landed properties, 88 bank accounts, 14 companies, and livestock.

Gambia descended into two months of political turmoil after Jammeh suffered defeat in the hands of opposition rival, Adama Barrow.

He refused to cede power and declared a state of emergency to extend his mandate in hopes to use the courts to subvert the will of the people.

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