Gambia opposition insist on withdrawal of West African forces from stronghold

Gambia opposition insist on withdrawal of West African forces from stronghold

A Gambian opposition leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta has called for the withdrawal of ECOMIG troops from its stronghold Foni, accusing the government of militarizing the region.

Jatta, who is the leader of the former ruling APRC party said the presence of the West African forces is intimidating to the residence.

Residents and supporters of the ex-president, Yahya Jammeh protested the presence of the foreign troops in Jammeh’s hometown of Kanilai.

At least one person died during the confrontation and several people, including three soldiers, were wounded.

Some senior members of the APRC and others in its Diaspora chapter have been suspected of instigating the protest and “using the people of Foni.”

“I will also urge the government to end the illegal curfew in Kanilai. I have spoken to the people there and they told me the military has imposed a curfew on the villagers,” Jatta said.

Gambia’s homeland security minister, Mai Ahmad Fatty has denied imposing a curfew in the Foni Kansala area and reported that demonstrators were engaged in violent provocation.

A former Jammeh minister and now Member of Parliament for Foni Kansala, Musa Amul Nyassi was the first to call for the withdrawal of ECOMIG troops in the region.

Villagers are accusing the soldiers of harassing, threatening and detaining them unlawfully when they go out of their homes to attend to their farms and herd their livestock.

Gambian authorities have denied the claims but agreed to open an independent inquiry to probe the incident and the death of Haruna Jatta, 52, who was shot during the uproar.

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