Gambian lawyers lift court boycott on four Nigerian judges

Gambian lawyers lift court boycott on four Nigerian judges

The Gambia Bar Association ended a boycott of courts after the Chief Justice made minor changes in the judiciary over the appointment of four Nigerian judges.

The appointment of the judges was contested by the bar association, whose leaders have called for the firing of the judges.

Chief Justice Hassan Jallow, a former UN prosecutor took the judges out of the court in the capital and transferred them to other jurisdictions.

Jallow’s decision eased tensions between the Gambia Bar Association and the judiciary.

The judges are on contract with the Gambia government, according to a Justice Department source. Their contract was hurriedly renewed by former President Yahya Jammeh during the political standoff that led him to flee.

The Gambia’s new government has pledged not to interfere in judicial matters and for the first time in the country’s half a century post-independence history, a majority of the judges in its constitutional court are Gambians.

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