Gambian whistleblower threatened to be killed like opposition activist Solo Sandeng

Gambian whistleblower threatened to be killed like opposition activist Solo Sandeng

Government secret agents attempt to ‘murder’ the former legal advisor of the State Intelligence Services, who revealed nepotism and corruption in the agency, according to a criminal complaint.

Baboucarr Badjie was threatened and told he would witness his own death by the agents, some of whom have been implicated in the tortured killing of opposition activist Solo Sandeng.

Badjie had refused arrest by the agents after Gambia’s new President Adama Barrow stripped the State Intelligence Services of their arresting powers.

“I refused to come down, advising them to seriously consider the crime of killing Solo Sandeng that hangs over their heads. They responded that this happened while they were doing their job and I was about to witness my own if I come down from my house,” Badjie said.

“This led to threats against me and so I had to go to the police headquarters to lodge a complaint. I was given two police escorts to accompany me to pick my files from the office.”

At least six special agents of the State Intelligence Agency have been named in the complaint including two senior officials amid concerns that reforms have not been fully implemented.

The Point Newspaper has named Director of Special Operations Pa Ebrima Faye; Officer Commanding Special Operations Alagie Ceesay; Ebou Sanynag; Special Agent Kanyi, Counter Intelligence Officer Kalilou Jammeh, and Director General Ousman Sowe as those named in the complaint.

Badjie was released on bail after the State Intelligence Director accused him of revealing state secrets “with no regard to national security and the code of secrecy.”

He was released on a $1250 dollars (D50,000 dalasis) bail after a report on the state of the intelligence agency submitted to Mr. Barrow was leaked to the media.

President Adama Barrow renamed the National Intelligence Agency to State Intelligence Services as part of his reform agenda to rebrand the agency.

The NIA has been implicated in human rights violations, including torture and extrajudicial executions during ex-strongman, Yahya Jammeh’s rule.

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