France: Gambia facing serious security threats

France: Gambia facing serious security threats

France has warned that the West African nation of The Gambia is facing serious external threats falling short of detailing from which nations.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian disclosed the intelligence to Senegal’s Foreign Secretary Mankeur Ndiaye after visiting Mauritania and Guinea.

“For whatever it is worth, the two countries happened also to have played an active and intimate role, with others, in the negotiations that averted a military intervention by the ECOMIG forces,” said Gambia’s former Foreign Minister, Sidi Sanneh.

Mauritania and Guinea were Jammeh’s most trusted allies and a last-minute diplomatic effort by the leaders of the two countries averted Jammeh’s arrest by West African forces poised to have him flushed out of power.

France played an influential role securing international support to have Gambia’s defeated President Yahya Jammeh forced out of the small country.

It’s ex-president, Francois Hollande excluded Jammeh from the France-African security talks and instead met with the president-elect, Adama Barrow in Mali.

Gambia is struggling to rebuild its military with Jammeh’s loyalist still embedded in the security services.

At least four Gambian soldiers have been arrested following post-electoral violence and an uproar in Kanilai against West African forces.

President Adama Barrow has extended and widened the mandate of the West African troops in The Gambia to next year following demonstrations in Jammeh’s hometown of Kanilai.

France is has pledged to train Gambia’s army. Gambia’s security situation topped talks between Barrow and Hollande in Paris in March.

The Gambia’s military has for long backed Jammeh, who is accused of human rights violations.

Dozens of soldiers have been detained and helping authorities uncover unmarked graves, where Jammeh’s perceived enemies have been buried.

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