Gambia: Man commits suicide after seriously injuring wife

Gambia: Man commits suicide after seriously injuring wife

A Guinean man committed suicide after seriously injuring his wife in the Kombo District of The Gambia, the police have confirmed.

Momodou Sowe of Mandinaring hanged himself from a tree after using a machete to hit his wife in the neck. She was left with deep cuts.

The woman, who was bleeding excessively was saved after being rushed to the hospital. The hacking left deep cuts on her neck and hands.

“People were alerted to the screams of the woman and when help arrived she was already bleeding profusely. A little later the husband’s hanged body was found dangling from a tree,” a villager told The Standard.

Residents expressed shock at the incidence, a rare occurrence in the country. Suicide is not often heard of or seen in the news and has taken the people in Madinaring aback.

Gambia’s police nabbed a rape suspect in the Kombo North area after weeks of hunting him. An eight-year-old girl was raped by the suspect, according to the police.

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