Gambia’s police chief deployed to Foreign Service

Gambia’s police chief deployed to Foreign Service

The Gambia has redeployed its police chief to Foreign Service as part of a major reshuffle in the new government, said a State House official.

Yankuba Sonko, the country’s longest-serving Inspector General of Police was appointed by the ex-president, Yahya Jammeh.

He is replaced by a lawyer and senior police officer, Landing Kinteh.

Presidential Press Secretary Amie Bojang Sisohore did not say to which position and mission Mr. Sonko is being transferred to.

Under Sonko, the Gambia’s police have been implicated in human rights abuses, including arbitrary arrest, prolonged detentions, and torture.

The police are one of the most accused security services of civil rights violations, taking bribes and corruption.

Although The Gambia’s government did not implement its anti-graft laws effectively, there were several prosecutions for corruption of senior police officers.

Aside from the former intelligence chief, who is being prosecuted for the torture death of an opposition activist, all other security chiefs under Jammeh has been redeployed to Foreign Service by President Adama Barrow.

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