Gambia: Opposition detainees released on bail

Gambia: Opposition detainees released on bail

Dozens of opposition detainees that took part in a deadly protest in southwestern Gambia have been released on bail by a court in the West Coast Region.

The protesters, most of them residents of Foni Kansala District and supporters of ousted despotic ruler, Yahya Jammeh were demanding the withdrawal of the West African stabilization force.

The force was deployed to oust Jammeh, who had refused to step aside after losing in the presidential polls last year.

Gambian authorities denied placing a curfew in its southwestern region, which has been the epicenter of political tensions since Jammeh’s departure.

At least one person died of a gunshot wound and several people seriously injured in a clash with the West African troops.

Protesters who were rioting denied being armed with locally made firearms and machetes.

Gambia’s government says the death of Haruna Jatta is regrettable and is investigating the incident that has threatened the country’s fragile peace.

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