Italy deports suspected Gambian terrorist linked to ISIL

Italy deports suspected Gambian terrorist linked to ISIL

Italian authorities have deported a Gambian national suspected of having ties with the Islamic State group, ISIL, security sources confirmed.

The suspect, whose name has is being kept a close secret by the West African nation was arrested in Foggia for destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary at a local church and a carving of Jesus Christ on fire.

According to security sources, the Gambian man also shared ISIL propaganda videos on his social media pages and have been under surveillance by Italian authorities.

Libya has warned Italy about an Islamic State cell operating in Milan and linked to a terrorist warlord, who was previously deported by the Italian authorities.

In May, Gambian media reported that one of the members of a local Islamic sect group, Dawda Jallow with his wife has joined ISIL fighters in Western Libya. Their exact whereabouts remain unknown.

Its neighbor, Senegal has also arrested two terror suspects from Al-Qaeda, who were the purported leaders of attacks on hotels in Mali and Ivory Coast of trying to cross into The Gambia in January.

Thousands of Gambian youths journey through Italy to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe, where they come in contact with radical Islamists and kidnappers.

Gambia is in a volatile region, where terrorist groups have posed serious security threats to its neighbors, especially in Nigeria, Cameroon, and Mali.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson had raised concerns about security and pledged UK’s support to train and provide technical aid to Gambia’s military during his visit to the West African nation.

Gambia was flagged for threats of terrorism following political tensions sparked by the refusal of ousted leader Yahya Jammeh to cede power, fearing a Grand Bassam type attack on beaches.

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