Gambia reaches out of court settlement with Chinese firm

Gambia’s environment agency has agreed to settle an environmental dispute with a Chinese-owned fishing company, Golden Lead Factory out of court.

Golden Lead was dragged to court last week and ordered to pay $25,000 dollars [D1 million dalasis] in bond to continue operations.

The company in the fishing settlement of Gunjur has been accused of polluting the environment and using a pipe to dispose of fish product waste and chemicals into the sea.

The company has agreed to remove the pipe, restore damages done to the ecology, and support and finance an assessment, according to Amie Bojang Sisohore, Director of Press at the State House.

A chemical waste thrown back into the sea through the underground pipe by Golden Lead has raised cancer concerns.

The dioxin produced by the fishmeal factory can cause serious health problems in the shortest period of time, health experts warned.

A nearby creek has been reportedly poisoned and marine lives threatened along the Bolong Fenyo, which is also a bird census ground.

Conservationists say overfishing by Chinese vessels in Gambian waters is driving dozens of species into extinction and threatening food security in the West African nation.

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