Police arrest woman in Essau for dumping her baby

Police arrest woman in Essau for dumping her baby

A Single mother from Mbollet Ba, a village in the northern Gambian district of Niumi has been arrested by the police in Essau for dumping her baby.

The woman [name withheld], abandoned the newborn baby in a swamp, where it was found by Maka Subah, a passerby.

The baby was wrapped in a nylon back and risked suffocating. The swamp around the creek is also frequented by wild dogs and pigs that could have molded the newborn.

The woman’s husband died two years ago, according to reports and the police have declined to give details of their investigation to the press.

Gambia had seen a surge in baby abandoning between 2010 and 2013. The act waned following warnings by Gambian authorities to send to jail those that committed the crime.

In the Gambia, society frowns upon women that have children out of wedlock. The women and their families are stigmatized and discriminated upon.

The social woes, according to social justice activists has forced many into the act and has called for more advocacy to help end baby dumping.

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