Sacked opposition executive alleges ‘incompetence’ in Kandeh’s GDC

Sacked opposition executive alleges ‘incompetence’ in Kandeh’s GDC

A sacked top official of the Gambia’s opposition GDC party has accused his former party leader of incompetence and says he resigned months before his so-called dismissal.

Musa Batchilly, the former Foreign Affairs Secretary of the Gambia Democratic Congress was reportedly expelled from the newly formed party and barred from taking part in its activities.

“The GDC administration is not in order and they are cracking and their particles are falling down,” he told Eye Africa TV.

“They are incompetent. I stepped down voluntarily and my resignation was not a distaste for the party but I decided to resign because of the incompetence of the administration.”

A member of the party has told SMBC that Kandeh is being accused of financial mismanagement and rumors are rife that the group has no official bank account.

Kandeh’s Press Secretary, Essa Jallow was the first to quietly resign from the party, even before their loss in the presidential elections.

Jallow has since returned to the UK and the public was not aware of his resignation until April.

GDC came out third in the Gambia’s shocking presidential polls that sent ex-longstanding leader. Yahya Jammeh packing out of the State House to Equatorial Guinea.

The party won an astonishing five seats in the parliamentary polls barely a year into its existence, evening it with the former ruling party.

Kandeh was a Member of Parliament of the defeated APRC party in Jimara before his own expulsion in 2012 by Jammeh. He has since gained support from Jammeh’s disgruntled supporters.

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