Gambian MP faces arrest for skipping bail

Gambian MP faces arrest for skipping bail

A bench warrant has been issued for a Gambian opposition MP, Demba Sowe (GDC – Niamina West) to be arrested for failing to appear in court on Thursday in the country’s capital, Banjul.

Sowe is standing trial for conspiracy and fraud with five other accused person since 2015, allegations that they denied.

He was granted bail by the police but has not appeared in court since to answer to the charges against him and had a previous bench warrant that was never executed by authorities.

Sowe had denied he was being prosecuted for conspiracy and making false documents in an interview with the Standard Newspaper last month.

He accused his political rivals of peddling “unfounded lies” against his person to taint his character.

Sowe claimed while working for a shipping company called BKK, he and his boss were arrested and charged with theft but were acquitted by the courts.

According to a criminal complaint filed in the High Court, Sowe, and five others: Ebrima Kebbeh, Oumie Saffiatou Jallow, Sheikh Dawda Yorke, Alpha Kante and Kemo Fatty defrauded one Muhammed Tunkara.

Tunkara and his partner in the UK were defrauded of $161,000 dollars (D6.4 million dalasis) on the guise that they were going to be sold some gold valued at $1.5 million dollars (D60 million dalasis)

A High Court judge, Justice Zainab Jawara-Alamy has summoned Sowe’s sureties to show cause for why the bail bond must not be forfeited.

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