Gambia’s president calls for unity, tolerance

Gambia’s president calls for unity, tolerance

President Adama Barrow has used his Eid-ul-Fitr address to the nation to call for unity amid political tensions that threatened the country’s security.

“Moral and ethical values prescribed by our great religion, Islam, must be brought to bear on our attitudes and efforts as we collectively seek to build the new Gambia based on rule of law, tolerance, and devotion to nation building,” said Mr. Barrow.

The new West African leader hopes to restore the country to its former glory – a Gambia with a vibrant economy which works for everyone and leaves no one behind.

The party with the biggest stake in Barrow’s unity government has been accused of tribalism, a claim that it has denied. Its leadership has echoed Barrow’s call for unity and tolerance.

The opposition has hinted that the new administration is neglecting the region of Foni, where ex-president, Yahya Jammeh hails from.

Opposition protest turned violent in the Foni Kansala District and left one person dead. Several people were injured and dozens arrested.

Mr. Barrow has long called for reconciliation and his government had dropped charges against nearly 50 supporters of the ex-leader, following the post-electoral violence in April.

“Unity is our strength and this must be embraced and cherished by all Gambians,” Barrow said.

“My government is firmly committed to that unity which is the bedrock of our collective national security and identity.”

Barrow has also called on religious leaders to preach peace and unity as the wounds from the election are still fresh for Jammeh supporters.

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