Gambia’s Jammeh siphoned $117.5M in last 3 years

Gambia’s Jammeh siphoned $117.5M in last 3 years

Gambia’s parliament is starting to hear the extent to which former President Yahya Jammeh has duped his citizens and mismanaged millions of taxpayers’ money.

Lawmakers in the West African nation were told that the ex-longstanding ruler spent some D4.7 billion dalasis ($117.5 dollars) within three years.

According to Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh, Jammeh spent the huge amount between 2013 to 2016 and additionally made away with at least $50 million in January to Equatorial Guinea.

Foreign reserves depleted to less than two months of imports and public debt rose to more than 120.3 percent of GDP during the same period.

Aside from healthcare, Jammeh’s State House (the equivalent of The White House) had more funds allocated to its operation than any other government department in budgets.

Jammeh’s State House has never been audited during his 22-year rule of the country.

Corruption was rife in his regime and his administration had prosecuted a handful of former ministers that the iron fist ruler parted with for graft.

But activist says Jammeh is the most corrupt officer in chief and used allegations against some of his allies turned foes to sketch himself as an upright leader.

Gambia’s Justice Department dropped corruption charges against 36 officials that were part of Jammeh’s government since his January.

Jammeh is suspected of swindling more than $2 billion dollars (D800 billion dalasis) during his rule of the small West African nation, one of Africa’s poorest.

Gambian authorities have seized Jammeh’s domestic assets pending findings into his alleged financial malpractices. They are also reaching for his known foreign properties.

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