Gambia’s president arrives in Ethiopia for first meeting with African leaders

Gambia’s new Head of State, President Adama Barrow is meeting African leaders in Ethiopia’s capital in his first African Union summit since taking power.

The summit will give Barrow the opportunity to engage African entrepreneurs and attract businesses to the small West African nation.

It will give the new Gambian leader the opportunity to engage his colleagues and his delegation is expected to sign bilateral agreements with a handful of countries.

The African Union Summit is focused on harnessing the continent’s demographic dividend through investment in youths.

Barrow’s government has received nearly $25 million in aid from the European Union to create jobs and curb the high exodus of its youths that are attempting to perilously reach Europe.

African leaders supported Barrow during the political logjam in The Gambia over ex-president, Yahya Jammeh’s unwillingness to step aside.

It announced it would not recognize Jammeh if he insists on remaining in power and subverting the will of The Gambian people.

Barrow took over the presidency following a near civil war that was averted after West African forces drove Jammeh out of Banjul to Equatorial Guinea.

Barrow has since his coming to power in January met with West African leaders that have backed him and engaged in several international security meetings, including in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The African Union supported the regional economic bloc, ECOWAS’ mission to send troops to enforce the outcome of the Gambia’s election in which Jammeh suffered a shocking defeat.

(Reporting and Writing by Sam Phatey; Editing by Sainey Marenah; Photo by: Saul Touray/State House)

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