Gambia: Ex-senior opposition member to form new political party

A senior opposition member expelled from his current party will be forming a new political group he is expecting to lead ahead of the local government elections.

Musa Batchilly, the former Foreign Affairs Secretary of the Gambia Democratic Congress announced the forming of a new political party during an interview with SMBC’s Sainey Marenah.

Batchilly parted ways with GDC leader Mama Kandeh following allegations of financial malpractice and incompetence against the opposition leader, who came third in last year’s presidential polls.

Batchilly was a founding member of the GDC, a breakaway party from former President Yahya Jammeh’s APRC camp that pulled its support from disgruntled APRC supporters.

Kandeh was a member of the APRC party and one time a Member of Parliament before his own expulsion in 2012 over allegations of misconduct.

The GDC is accusing Batchilly of violating the party’s code of conduct, allegations that the new political hopeful is denying.

Batchilly says his party is open to all and welcomes Gambians, including those in the GDC, signaling an apparent divide in the new party.

Mama Kandeh’s sudden fame flamed by his charisma is one Batchilly has to beat. The effect of the Batchilly fall apart from the GDC will be next in next year’s local government polls.

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