Gambia Think Tank already facing nepotism accusations

A Think Tank commissioned by The Gambia’s president, Adama Barrow is facing nepotism allegations less than a week into its existence.

Political activist and public administrator Mathew Jallow said he was contacted by a senior member of the development commission and gave his approval.

“A member of the Think Tank contacted me with a proposal to join as an adviser. I gave approval to the idea, with my areas of specialization,” said Jallow.

“With the launching of the Think Tank and composition appearing today, I know a couple of people would fight tooth and nail to exclude me from the Think Tank consideration.”

The Commission is to help the Barrow administration to formulate a National Development Plan, a blueprint that activists have been calling for.

“The National Think Tank will help the government and the private sector in national development, empowering the youth in particular,” said VP Fatoumata Tambajang.

“The Think Tank is a classic vision of President Barrow and a vital part of the manifesto of the coalition government.”

The Think Tank will work with a pool of multidisciplinary national consultants under the direct supervision of the Office of the Vice President, which is, de jure and de facto, responsible for coordinating the implementation of the National Development Agenda.

Pro-democracy campaigners have welcomed the launching of the Think Tank that they say will reverse the effects of decades of economic mismanagement and social injustice.

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