Gambia’s parliament to set up budget review committee

Gambia’s parliament to set up budget review committee

Gambia’s National Assembly is establishing a parliamentary budget review team to examine the revised budget submitted by the Barrow administration.

The parliamentary technical staff will make research and analysis on the budget presented to lawmakers last week by Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh.

The budget review committee of the National Assembly will strictly nonpartisan, conducts objective, impartial analysis and hire its employees solely on the basis of professional competence without regard to political affiliation.

The committee will make projections and recommendations for budgetary and economic outcomes that are based on the assumption that current laws regarding government spending and revenues will generally change.

Gambia’s new government is trying to implement reforms and cuts millions of dollars from the previous budget that was prepared by the ex-regime of Yahya Jammeh.

At least $20 million is expected to be cut in the budget as the country struggles to stabilize the economy. The country received $16 million emergency credit from the IMF to help close budgetary gaps and recover from economic shocks.

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