Seized APRC vehicles purchased with taxpayers’ money

Seized APRC vehicles purchased with taxpayers’ money

Gambia’s government has clarified that vehicles grabbed from the ex-ruling party were purchased using taxpayers’ money by the ex-president, Yahya Jammeh.

At least 44 vehicles, mostly pickup trucks that were given to the APRC during the 2011 presidential elections were seized by the new government following Jammeh’s ouster.

Jammeh took taxpayers’ money to acquire the vehicles and handed them to his party, lawmakers were told.

Jammeh had also used local governors and area councils to fuel the expenses of his 2011 campaign and cover maintenance of the vehicles.

APRC said the government of Jammeh’s rival, Adama Barrow is targeting them and draining their resources to render them handicapped ahead of critical local government polls.

The former ruling party lost its majority stake in parliament and won just five seats in the opposition stronghold of Foni.

President Adama Barrow defeated Jammeh in last year’s elections. Jammeh fled to Equatorial Guinea following two months of political standoff.

APRC has since lost their party headquarters and its bank accounts, most of which were frozen as part of the Justice Department seizure of Jammeh’s domestic assets.

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