Gambia: At least 48 homes destroyed in Jarra Bureng

Torrential rains and heavy winds hit The Gambia’s Lower River Region destroying at least 40 homes in the Lower River Region, authorities say.

Gambia had at least 12 hours of rain Monday, the heaviest since the start of the raining season this summer.

Many of the homes that were destroyed were in Bureng, outside the administrative city of Mansakonko.

Victims are also in need of food supply. Their stored food perished during the disaster, witnesses say.

Some 4,000 people live in Bureng village and many of the homes are made out mud and roofed with thatched palm leaves.

At least $2,500 has been donated by natives of the village living in Europe and the Americas, according to a villager.

Roads linking the village to commercial centers were also damaged and destroyed by the storm and heavy flooding also exposed wretched sanitary conditions.

The National Emergency Management Agency has urged people to take appropriate precautions.

More torrential downpours are expected across the region, and now that the ground is saturated, there is a high risk of landslides and erosion.

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