Gambia: Opposition accuses unity govt of targeting ex-ruling party

Gambia: Opposition accuses unity govt of targeting ex-ruling party

The APRC is alleging that it is the being targeted by the Gambia’s unity government amid claims that some of the accounts frozen by the Justice Department belonged to the party and not the ex-president.

Banks accounts associated with the party and at least 44 vehicles registered to the former ruling party have been taken by the regime of President Adama Barrow.

The APRC has been evicted from their party headquarters and has lost its majority stake in parliament since Jammeh’s unceremonious ouster.

It is considering the row of seizures and eviction as a systematic targeting to render the party handicapped and unfunctional.

Gambian authorities seized the domestics assets of the former longstanding ruler, Yahya Jammeh to prevent him from liquidating his assets.

Jammeh stands accused of corruption and stealing millions of the state. He purportedly fled the country with $50 million dollars and had spent more than $117 million in the last three years of his rule.

At least 88 bank accounts associated with the former ruler were frozen by a court order and the 44 vehicles were bought using taxpayers’ money, according to the Justice Department.

APRC spokesperson Seedy SK Njie and its interim leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta insist that Jammeh was not aware of the many accounts.

Some of the accounts, according to the opposition officials were fundraising accounts for the opposition party but party officials are silent on the purchase of the pickup trucks.

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