Alsup: Gambians must cherish not squander new found democracy

Alsup: Gambians must cherish not squander new found democracy

With fireworks, barbecue and parades, Americans are celebrating Independence Day and U.S. Ambassador to The Gambia, Patricia Alsup urged the citizens of the West African nation to cherish their new found freedom.

Alsup paid tribute to the bold steps the founding fathers of America took and recognized the military men and woman that help them keep their independence.

She seized the opportunity to reflect on Gambia’s emergence from decades-log autocratic rule to choosing a path of freedom and liberty for all.

She urged Gambians not squander it.

“Democracy and freedom work best within a framework of just and law. Democracy is not a license to do whatever you want to do. So Gambians must cherish their new freedom, but not squander it,” said Alsup.

Since Jammeh’s ouster, a couple of incidents under the pretense of democracy threatened the country cohesion and security.

Opposition and government supporters clashed and protests held without permits turned violent in southern Gambia.

Alsup and U.S. Foreign Service officials were celebrating the America’s independence in Banjul, where some are growing impatient with the administration of President Adama Barrow.

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