13 families displaced in northern Gambia

13 families displaced in northern Gambia

At least 78 people are left without homes after heavy rains and windstorms wrecks havoc on their properties in the North Bank Region.

The strong rains and windstorms ripped through northwestern Gambian villages with Berending, Chamen and Ngain Sanjal being the hardest hit.

It is the biggest destruction so far this year since the rainy season started, according to Regional Governor Ebrima Dampha.

Governor Dampha called for immediate humanitarian aid and relief to be delivered to the 13 families.

They are now being harbored by neighbors and extended relatives.

Some roads linking villages to main towns were in accessible.

Muddy roads conditions made drivers avoid the roads, leaving villagers trapped with little support and relief.

Some trees fell blocking roads, damaging homes and knocking off a power line, a witness said.

An unspecified but considerable number of homes and businesses were damaged, most of them mud houses.

There were no reports of serious injuries related to the storm.

A similar storm in the southern Gambian region of Jarra affected a community of 4,000 residents destroying more than 45 homes.

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