Gambian authorities inspect State House armory

Gambian authorities inspect State House armory

Gambia’s Minister for Homeland Security, Mai Ahmad Fatty inspected the State House armory, where ex-President Yahya Jammeh stashed some heavy weaponry.

The inspection came an alarm was raised that there are threats to President Adama Barrow’s life and Jammeh loyalist planning to destabilize the country.

A new report indicated that some of the 300 Gambian soldiers that deserted the army made away with weapons and are plotting an attack.

Most of the artilleries and weapons were hidden in places like Kanilai were recovered by West African security forces that were depleted to send Jammeh packing.

Military tanks, armored vehicles, infantry fighting and carrier vehicles, squad and fire support vehicles, and fire attack vehicles were lined up at The State House covered in dust under the watchful eye of ECOMIG troops.

Heavy fire automatic rifles and other machine guns in the armory were also inspected by Homeland Security Minister Fatty.

Jammeh’s elite presidential guards were his most trusted loyalists. They are the Gambia’s army most internationally and well-trained branch of the military.

They were better armed than any other military unit and had help foiled at least a dozen coups to oust Jammeh, the last of which was hatched in the United States.

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