Gambia’s army chief dismayed at leaking of intel brief

Gambia’s army chief dismayed at leaking of intel brief

Gambia’s military chief, Lt. Gen. Masanneh Kinteh expressed dismay and worries at the leaking of an ongoing sensitive intel assessment to the press.

The dossier was provided to multiple news outlets, including RFI and Jeune Afrique, which pursued numerous leads, including overseas, but could not substantiate its allegations.

The leaking to the press is suspected to come from a military insider in Senegal to the Senegalese press, according to a source.

The intelligence brief dated June 27 indicated that at least 300 loyalists of former President Yahya Jammeh that have deserted the Gambian army are “plotting to destabilize the country.”

Gambia’s national security agencies are now faced with an excruciatingly delicate probe into allegations of an external threat against the country.

A Gambian official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the nature of the threat “was fully explained” to President Adama Barrow and Gen. Kinteh.

In an effort to contain the damage and respond to the threat, Kinteh has recalled at least three military commanders to the defense headquarters and changed his military intelligence chief.

Intel contained in the leaked security briefing is yet to be substantiated by Gambian and Senegalese authorities.

A top military insider said although the allegations are unsubstantiated, it conveys a firm conclusion of Jammeh’s readiness to either be the ruler or have Gambia destabilized.

The leaking deepened the level of distrust in the Gambia’s army, where Jammeh is suspected of still have some strong allies that are suspected of passing on information.

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