Gambia’s parliament approves Barrow admins revised budget

Gambia’s parliament approves Barrow admins revised budget

National Assembly Members on Thursday passed legislation to approve the revised budget presented by President Adama Barrow’s government.

It is now going to Mr. Barrow to sign the revised budget bill into law.

The revised budget saw at least D1 billion dalasis ($25 million dollars) in spending slashed, half of it deep cuts from the presidency.

Lawmakers said there were also cuts in agriculture, a concern that finance minister, Amadou Sanneh assured will not affect the critical sector.

Sanneh said there will be significant differences in spending and financial management between the previous regime and the new government.

The budget cuts were welcomed by Gambians, who are seemingly the winners but concerns remain about the astronomical amount allocated to some government agencies.

Ministers are facing lawmakers and Sanneh effectively took a deep breath Thursday, a reminder that it is the start of a long, legislative grind that may go on for months.

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