Luxury vehicles worth millions left behind by ex-President Jammeh

Luxury vehicles worth millions left behind by ex-President Jammeh

Tens of luxury vehicles worth millions of dollars belonging to former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh were subject to inspection by two ministers.

Gambian authorities are valuing the prices of the vehicles, which would likely be sold to recover some of the West African nation’s stolen wealth.

Minister for Information Demba Jawo and Minister for Interior Mai Ahmad Fatty were at The State House validating the extent of the damage caused by Jammeh.

The presidential compound was ransacked by Jammeh and electrical wiring tampered with, according to the officials.

Jammeh had bought fleets of Range Rover Evoques, Rolls Royce Phantoms, Mini Coopers, Cadillacs and other luxury vehicle brands.

He fled the country with at least two other Rolls Royces and a Cadillac but his airlifting of luxury goods to Equatorial Guinea was stopped by Gambian authorities.

Jammeh is standing accused of siphoning billions during his rule and allegedly made away with $50 million dollars (D2.9 billion dalasis) during the last week of his rule.

Jammeh’s domestic assets have been frozen by the courts. The seizing saw at least 131 landed properties, 14 companies and 88 bank accounts taken over by the state.

The country’s Minister for Finance, Amadou Sanneh told parliament that Jammeh had spent and mismanaged at least $147 million (D5.8 billion dalasis) in the last three years of his rule.

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