Gambia finalizes power supply deal with Senegal

Gambia finalizes power supply deal with Senegal

Gambia’s state-owned utility battling to supply steady energy to homes and businesses has finalized an agreement with Senegal’s Senelec to supply its neighbor with electricity.

Nawec, which is only generating 40 megawatts out of the 150 megawatts needed to fully power the Gambia will get an additional supply of 10 megawatts from Senelec.

Gambia’s Minister of Energy, Fafa Sanyang led a delegation to Senegal’s capital, Dakar, where the draft Power Purchase Agreement was finalized.

Senelec will supply Nawec from three power stations in Karang, Tamba Counda and Keur Ayib with potential for an expansion of supply.

Nawec is owed more than D9 billion Dalasis ($225 million Dollars), mostly by state agencies and companies belonging to ex-President Yahya Jammeh.

It is also owned by companies of the ex-leader’s close associates and had supply Jammeh’s hometown, Kanilai with electricity and water for free during his decades’ long rule.

The agreement will help Nawec regularize its erratic power cuts to the Gambia out of its national water and electricity crisis, which has scared away investors and forced businesses to leave.

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