Gambia: Police impounding tinted windowed vehicles

Gambian authorities are cracking down on tinted window drivers and have impounded several vehicles, witnesses say.

The police were seen along the Trans-Gambia Highway linking the major city of Brikama to the capital, Banjul pulling over drivers, whose car windows are tinted.

Gambia authorities passed laws “banning tinted windows” for private and commercial vehicles. Only government vehicles are allowed to have tinted windows.

Foreign dignitaries and high-risk government officials may be exempted from the regulation.

In most countries, front windows of vehicles must not filter more than 30 percent of light, and therefore have a minimal transparency rate of 70 percent.

This was done in order to facilitate the work of law enforcement officials, namely, that of checking seat belt fastening and use of telephone in driving.

In a state of emergency, a quick check of a passenger seat interior can be valuable.

But it is difficult to assess visually if the window is too dark, the police not being equipped with costly measuring devices.

Regulations regarding tinted windows in The Gambia remain unclear to motorists and information on the law could not be found online.

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