Colley should be probed on corruption allegations and financial mismanagement

Colley should be probed on corruption allegations and financial mismanagement

Mayor Yankuba Colley should be subpoenaed by the Justice Department to testify on his involvement in multi-million Dollar deals that have gone wrong at the Kanifing Municipality Council.

The financial dealings between the municipality and companies controlled by the former President Yahya Jammeh and his associates should be investigated.

Colley has been involved in the signing of contracts for waste management in his municipality, the last of which was for €2.2 million Euros (D96.7 million Dalasis) with JMP company in 2015.

There was no record of the Italian company headed by Mario Pratolongo and the contract, which primarily was for waste management and recycling in Bakoteh never took off.

A year later, the mayor’s spokesperson, Fatoumatta Sillah said JMP was transferring their equipment to the dumpsite.

It means initial payments were made to a man that Colley reportedly met at a birthday bash organized by ex-president Jammeh.

A full audit should be carried out to examine the municipal council’s accounts.

It is suspected that invoices lacked detailed descriptions, raising the question of whether the municipality has made overpayments and for what purposes.

Mayor Colley was caught stating in an unscripted, off-the-cuff remarks, revealing that for far too long the KMC has been duped by bogus foreign contractors who ‘come, sign contracts and go, and never to be seen again’.

Aside from the JMP deal, details about the supposed other deals are yet to be released. They were all signed quietly and never materialized.

Yet, millions have reportedly gone into such projects and payouts.

KMC is in a waste management crisis. Residents and activists clashed with security forces over the reopening of the Bakoteh dumpsite.

Despite all of this, Colley remains unchallenged by the authorities and continues to deny any wrongdoing lashing out at his critics and activists.

Parliament should open an inquiry into the many KMC contracts and call on Colley to testify before the House following the Bakoteh clash.

Instead of this, Colley feels his reputation is intact and has lobbied for a company, Continental Africa to secure a $79 million waste management agreement with the Gambia’s government.

Those behind Continental Africa, a company allegedly in the U.S. state of Delaware are mainly Jammeh aides and supporters.

Colley’s reputation is certainly under political siege. His office has been turned into a dumpsite by protesters and he announced, he won’t be seeking a third term.

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