Cyberattack threatens Gambia’s financial sector: Report

Cyberattack threatens Gambia’s financial sector: Report

Gambia’s banking and financial sector is the most prone to cyber attacks and intrusions, a new report by a global cyber security group said.

According to 3T Solutions, Gambia lagged behind in developing organization measures to counter cyber threats.

In 2015, the West African nation made its first attempt at putting in place a Cybersecurity strategy but has since stalled.

Hackers paralyzed computers at Gambia’s U.N Permanent Mission and the official website of the former president, Yahya Jammeh following his election loss.

They also targeted several government websites, including that of the electoral commission and pro-government newspaper, the Daily Observer.

At least 60 percent of financial institutions have been victims or have known victims of cyber-crime in the last 12 months in Western Africa, the report said.

Gambia’s telecommunications sector also suffered cyber intrusion and it continues to plague its companies.

Several people have been arrested and prosecuted by the Justice Department for scheming to bypass the international calling gateway.

Cyber criminals are starting to wake up to the fact that West Africa is a gold field with wide open systems, and the Gambia is no exception.

Most websites hosted in Gambia, including government sites are on servers that have not been updated for years and failed security tests.

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