Recalled Gambian diplomat appoint deputy law enforcement chief

A former First Secretary at the Gambia’s Embassy in London has returned to the West African nation to become its Deputy Director of Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

Tijan Bah had worked as a Secret Service agent for the Gambia’s feared intelligence agency, NIA before being redeployed into the Foreign Services by the ex-autocratic ruler, Yahya Jammeh.

Bah was recalled by Jammeh’s government while serving in London but refused to return.

He had served in the Gambia’s security system and civil service since 1980, with most of it in the security services.

He served in the police intelligence unit, where he and other officers, including ex-spy chief Daba Marenah were transferred to the National Security Services, which became the National Intelligence Agency following Jammeh’s coup.

The position of deputy drug law enforcement chief has been unoccupied since the firing of Mr. Kalilu Njie in 2012 by Mr. Jammeh.

Gambia is reforming is security services and Bah’s return signals the recycling of some seasoned security men and women with a long history of law enforcement experience.

(Reporting by Assan Sallah; Writing by Sam Phatey)

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