Father, daughter killed in southwest Gambia crash

At least two people have died when their vehicle had a head-on crash with a truck in the southwestern Gambian city of Bwiam.

The two, a father and his soon-to-be-married daughter were traveling to Basse, 167 miles east of Bwiam to attend the electoral victory celebrations of two Members of Parliament from Basse and Kantora.

They names of victims were not released but speeding and attempting to overtake another vehicle ahead of them has been blamed for the crash.

Several crashes last month in Gambia’s West Coast Region has claimed at least 15 lives with many blamed on over-speeding drivers.

The police do not consistently apply traffic laws and regulations, and sometimes compel drivers to pay fines on the spot for violations, real or contrived.

Gambian authorities have vowed to crackdown on speeding and drunk drivers but impeded by resources to enforce traffic laws.

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