KMC Chief Executive accuses anti-dumping protesters of acting with impunity

KMC Chief Executive accuses anti-dumping protesters of acting with impunity

The Chief Executive Officer of the Kanifing Municipal Council is accusing activists and residents of using their civil liberties to act with impunity.

“No matter how committed the government is in protecting their civil liberties, no one should be allowed to flout the law with impunity in the name of exercising their democratic rights,” said Pa Kalifa Sanyang.

He said politicians are disrupting operations at the city hall by legitimizing the shutdown of a dumpsite at the center of a health complaint.

Sanyang said the local village chief, councilors and Member of Parliament for the Manjai and Bakoteh area are not opposed to the use of the dumpsite.

MP for Serrekunda, Halifa Sallah and opposition politician, Mama Kandeh called for restraint when clashes broke between security forces and residents over the reopening of the landfill.

According to a statement released by Sanyang, protest that followed the reopening of the Bakoteh dumpsite will not provide a solution.

“This is a complete deviation from the crux of the issue at hand and is not liable to bring about any constructive solution to the problem,” he said.

Residents and activists turned Mayor Yankuba Colley’s office into a dumping ground in a show of anger over the municipality’s failure to regularly collect trash and manage waste.

Colley said he will not be seeking re-elections in next year’s polls after political analysts ruled out any chance for him to win.

Sanyang said the forceful closure of the Bakoteh dumpsite brought an unprecedented accumulation of waste and the emergence of indiscriminate dumps across the municipality.

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