Disaster strikes Eastern Kiang leaving 17 homes destroyed

Torrential rains have brought down at least 17 homes in the Kiang East Village of Josobo, disaster relief officials in the Lower Region say.

More than 119 people are displaced and without food and essential basic needs, according to the officials.

Urgent humanitarian relief has been delivered to the village by Kiang East Association in Europe.

At least 25 bags of rice, cooking oil and other food essentials have been delivered by the association’s aid workers, the village chief, Alkalo Sutay Sanneh said.

The organization has started a campaign to help raise money for the victims and so far, at least $1,200 dollars has been raised.

Lower River Region has been the hardest hit by heavy rains and windstorms since last month.

Flooding and winds left some 70 homes destroyed and more than a thousand people displaced, most of them dwelling with other relatives and neighbors.

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