Gambia: Senior coalition official refutes ministers living flamboyantly

Gambia: Senior coalition official refutes ministers living flamboyantly

The Gambia’s coalition government is taking a stab at allegations that its ministers are living a lifestyle reminiscent of that of the ex-regime.

Head of the coalition media team, Essa Dampha found the comparison between the new government and Jammeh’s regime insulting and said the Barrow administration is on track with its campaign promises.

It followed the pressing of the allegations by a former APRC senior member, Omar Beyai in an interview with the local Standard Newspaper.

Beyai warned that the coalition could leave the country in a worse state of affairs than his former party leader, Yahya Jammeh.

“Beyai is complaining about ministers driving expensive cars, but he forgot the fact that some of these cars have been in use for the past four years or so and it would make sense to use them instead of buying new ones,” Dampha said.

Opposition supporters criticized the giving of senior officials two government vehicles and gas coupons for their use, paid for by taxpayers.

Jammeh had spent tens of millions of Dollars on luxury cars and the new government said the fleet of government vehicles is bloated.

Rumors are rife that a senior cabinet minister has bought a home worth millions of Dalasis less than six months into office, concerns that have got opposition activists demanding for assets to be declared.

President Adama Barrow has given his cabinet until mid-July to declare their assets in an apparent show of accountability and transparency.

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