Former Gambia governor disassociates GDC

Ganyie Touray, a former Governor has refuted reports that he is the desk officer of the opposition GDC party in the Central River Region.

Touray had offered to help the young party to select candidates for the parliamentary elections and recently declined an offer to be an advisor.

“I am not their desk officer, I have never been part of it and I did not even attend their meetings,” Touray told The Point.

“Mamma Kandeh himself called me twice asking me to join him in a meeting with the Jola community somewhere; I said no, I couldn’t.”

Touray said he only got news of his so-called GDC appointment after his children in the U.S. called to inform him of the news they read in an online newspaper.

GDC is facing serious internal squabbles and at least one of its founders has resigned amid allegations of mismanagement.

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