Former health minister Omar Sey disavows Gambia’s youngest party

Former health minister Omar Sey disavows Gambia’s youngest party

Former Minister of Health and Social Welfare Omar Sey said Friday he is not part of the GDC executive and not planning on taking part in national politics.

“I am not into politics for now and I have no political position as we speak. I have not given any consent for a position at GDC,” said Mr. Sey.

“This is not the time for politics. This is time to support the Barrow administration realize its objectives. I think the focus is national development and should not be political development.”

It was announced this week that Sey was appointed by GDC leader Mama Kandeh as his party’s Foreign Affairs Secretary.

Sey said he was invited by Kandeh to an event, which he honored but has not accepted any executive position and “not ready for such.”

Sey expressed his disappointment and asserted that he excused himself from the meeting that Kandeh invited him to.

None of the names released as new executive members of the GDC were present at the meeting and at least two others have come out to say they are not part of the party’s leadership.

“My position is clear,” Sey said. “I have not discussed any position prior to the meeting neither do I know the terms of reference of the post. Please keep me out of Politics.”

GDC has been in internal squabbles for several months leading to the resignation of one of its founding members and Foreign Affairs Secretary, Musa Batchilly.

Party Leader Kandeh is in a battle to assert his authority and not allow the creation of factions, which has affected the performance of his former party, APRC in the last presidential polls.

(Reporting by Lamin K. Saidy and Sainey MK Marenah; Writing by Sam Phatey)

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