Gambia: Siffoe man given year jail time for stabbing

Saikou Touray, the Siffoe man that was arrested for the stabbing of Lamin Demba in the outskirts of Brikama has been sentenced to a year and three months of mandatory prison time.

Touray has to also pay a fine of D10,000 dalasis ($250 dollars) as restitution to the victim or spend an additional six months in jail.

Touray pleaded not guilty and was granted a D45,000 dalasis ($1125 dollars) bail last week by Magistrate A.R. Bah of the Brikama Magistrates Court.

According to the criminal complaint against Touray, the victim accused Touray’s friend of stealing his cell phone.

When the friend was being escorted by Demba and another man, Touray insisted that his friend will not be taken to the police.

The complaint indicated that tensions escalated and Touray stabbed Demba three times with a broken bottle inflicting severe injuries on his victim.

Prosecutors said Demba was stabbed on his neck and hand and held him liable for willful and unlawful assault.

Touray was immediately taken into custody and will be serving his sentence in a correctional facility on the outskirts of the capital, Banjul.

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