Jammeh is gone but his setsetal is back

Jammeh is gone but his setsetal is back

Gone with former President Yahya Jammeh was his monthly cleaning exercise that all citizens must take part in or face arrest.

The general cleaning exercise is back without the threat of arrest but some key elements of Jammeh’s rules remain.

According to Sheikh Sanyang of the National Environment Agency the cleaning exercise, locally referred to as “setsetal” will resume on July 29, six months after its abrupt stop.

“Shops and markets should remain open but must participate and there will be no movement of vehicles, except essential ones and also people are urged to place collected waste from homes into awaiting trucks,” Mr. Sanyang said.

The movement of vehicles and closing of businesses were frowned upon by many citizens.

Activists are sure to welcome the opening of businesses during the day but will surely continue to press authorities not to restrict the free movement of people.

Jammeh introduced the forceful cleanup practice “to keep the nation healthy and the streets clean.”

The clean ups have kept streets clean, at least for one day in a month but the government has not helped in addressing the waste management crisis, which has now escalated.

Protesters have clashed with the police last week following the government’s reopening of a dump site outside Banjul.

Activists say Bakoteh dump site is responsible for many deaths and health implications in the area where trash is burnt just around private residences.

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