Ivory Coast: 3 soldiers killed in barracks attack

Former war chief of Bouake, lieutenant-colonel Issiaka Ouattara (R), also known as Wattao, flanked by mutineer soldiers, arrives at the deputy prefect’s residence in Bouake for talks with the deputy prefect and Defence Minister on January 7, 2017 one day after soldiers rose up and seized control of Ivory Coast’s second city. Soldiers seized control of Bouake on January 6 in a protest over pay, firing rocket launchers in the streets and terrifying residents, as the government called for calm. The protests in Bouake spread to the central towns of Daloa and Daoukro as well as Korhogo in the north, as angry troops took to the streets demanding salary hikes.
Photo: SIA KAMBOU/AFP/Getty Images

At least three soldiers have died this weekend in an attack by disgruntled soldiers on a barracks in northern Ivory Coast.

Intense fighting broke out early Saturday in Korhogo in which several other soldiers loyal to the government were also injured, Gen. Sekou Toure said.

Fighting was also reported in the commercial capital, Abidjan.

Gun shots were exchanged when some vehicles were impounded from soldiers on patrol by mutinying soldiers.

Ex-rebel fighters, who helped to capture Laurent Gbagbo and put President Alassane Ouattara in power have been clashing with the government over past due payments.

Close to 8,400 of them were integrated into the army following the 2010 political crisis that descended the country into a civil war.

The government reached a deal with them in May after street protests demanding pay but deep divisions still exist.

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