Former President Jammeh’s ex-wife graduates from college

Former President Jammeh’s ex-wife graduates from college

The erstwhile Gambian wife of ex-President Yahya Jammeh, Lady Alima Sallah has graduated from a college in the UK.

Ms. Sallah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Management from the University of York’s Goodricke College.

Sallah stood next to her mother and sister, all smiling heartily as she holds her bouquet of flowers.

Jammeh married Sallah in October 2010 but the short lived marriage abruptly ended in 2011.

Alima Sallah is the daughter of Gambia’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Omar Gibril Sallah.

Jammeh was defeated in the December 2016 elections and fled the country following a political standoff.

He now lives in Equatorial Guinea with his wife, Zineb Souma and his family. Jammeh has taken up farming as his occupation.

Gambian authorities have accused him of financial mismanagement and corruption. His assets have been seized and a commission to probe the allegations launched.

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