Gambia suspends issuing permit for tinted glasses

Gambia suspends issuing permit for tinted glasses

Gambia’s homeland security department on Monday suspended the issuance of permits for private citizens to use tinted glass windows on their vehicles.

The suspension targets non-factory tinted windows and those that have factory tinted windows will pay D2,000 dalasis ($50 dollars) annually.

The police has vowed to crackdown on those driving with tinted glasses illegally and driving vehicles without proper registration and licenses.

“Such acts have the capacity not only to make criminal activities mushroom, but to place unnecessary pressure on security agencies and law abiding citizens,” the department said in a statement.

The police last week impounded vehicles fitted with tinted glasses without a permit and warned those still unlawfully fitted with tinted glasses to have them removed.

Only senior government officials, directors and financial chiefs will be allowed to use custom fitted tinted glasses.

In most countries, front windows of vehicles must not filter more than 30 percent of light, and therefore have a minimal transparency rate of 70 percent.

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