Police chief vows to crackdown on drunk driving

Police chief vows to crackdown on drunk driving

Gambia’s police chief, Landing Kinteh has vowed to crackdown on drunk driving after several accidents were reported in the Senegambia area.

Last month at least three drivers were involved in accidents blamed on drivers that were driving under the influence on the Kombo Coastal Road.

Police Chief Kinteh said the laws on drunk driving are not strict and pledges to work with lawmakers to impose stricter penalties.

“We will work on the laws regarding drinking and driving. This is because we believe there are no strict laws to ensure these issues are tackled,” he said.

Traffic offenders in Gambia do not usually face judges unless death is involved. Citations are not given and breaking traffic laws end up negotiated between the driver and the officer.

One person died last month in Bakoteh after she was hit by a drunk driver related to a police commissioner.

At least several accidents have also been blamed on overspending drivers and at least 15 deaths have been reported.

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