Disappearance of two children sparks fear in Bundung

Disappearance of two children sparks fear in Bundung

The police in Bundung has confirmed the disappearance of at least two toddlers in the suburb outside the commercial city of Serrekunda.

Alasana Jatta, 2, and Mbombeh Ceesay, 5, went missing on Saturday sparking fear of kidnapping among neighbors.

The families of the two children say they are now losing hope to have their kids back. Search for the children was futile.

They are appealing to anyone who has the children to free them and have them returned.

The Gambia is a source and destination country for women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking.

Within The Gambia, women, girls, and—to a lesser extent—boys are subjected to sex trafficking and domestic servitude.

The U.S. has called on Gambian authorities to vigorously investigate and prosecute trafficking offenses and ensure adequate sentencing for convicted trafficking offenders.

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