Gambia: Detainee dies due to police negligence

A 34-year-old man, Lamin Krubally has died in police custody after sustaining injuries in a fight before his arrest.

Police in Nema Kunku, a village outside Yundum in the West Coast Region detained Mr. Krubally instead of giving him medical care or taking him to the nearest hospital for treatment.

According to a family member, Krubally was left in a police cell unattended and police were reportedly unaware that the detainee has died.

The police only found that Krubally was dead after his wife, Rohey Krubally came to the station to bring him food.

“He was lying on his belly and I kept calling his name but he was not answering,” she said told a local newspaper.

Lamin Krubally got into a fight with one Lama Jallow and both of them sustained injuries and received medical care, according to the police.

It is the third time that a detainee has died in police custody this year, among them a small business owner who was dragged and beaten by officers outside his home.

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